Privilege Escalation

When I hear this phrase as a cybersecurity professional, I tend to think of misconfigured permissions and unpatched software running as a system account. As a penetration tester you may think of terms like foothold and lateral movement. Most recently these two words have taken on another meaning for myself as the holiday season is in full swing at the moment.

Working with others while doing something you enjoy is a privilege in itself. What you choose to do with that privilege is reflective of the efforts you put forth. There are probably not a lot of succesful people that were able to accomplish great things by themselves. Currently I have the privilege of being surrounded by people that are talented, smart, and caring.

With that being said, I feel this obligation to constantly grow and improve my personal standards. I have been on the other side of this scenario as well, working in an environment where you feel like your walking on eggshells. If you find yourself in that situation, exercise your privilege escalation abilities and find an environment that suits you.

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